Welcome to our New Website

So after nearly 9 years of our old faithful website we have made the jump to a new site that is responsive to mobile devices, more than 50% of the traffic our website gets is via a phone or tablet of some shape or form.  This site has been under construction for nearly 3 months and we are still working on many of the features and we thank you for your patience.

The purpose of our blog is to keep you up to date with goings on at the track, within the club and generally in motorsport around us.  From time to time we’ll have Blogs about teams or specific events and more, if you have something you feel we could write about please feel free to contact us and let us know.

If you find any broken links (i.e. you click on something and nothing happens) please contact us and let us know so we can rectify the problem.

Finally, the Warwick District Sporting Car Club appreciates the help that our media liaison Darin Mandy and his company Digital Realism have put into the new site, and all the work they do on our Facebook page and more.

Welcome once again and please enjoy our new site, don’t forget to like our Facebook page and share this website with your friends.