2017 Qld and Australian Sprint Championship.

Congratulations to Vikki Paxton for winning the 2017 Qld and Australian Sprint Championship.
Followed in 2nd place Bruce McKenzie and 3rd by Ashley Bright.

The Sprints were run on the large K circuit on Saturday and the smaller E circuit on the Sunday.
It Was a bit of a wet weekend at times although most of the competitors menaged at least a couple of runs in  the dry.
 All compititors received a medalion as a momento and everyone seemed to enjoy the weekend.

20171119 SSSC 1884

All images from the weekend can be veiwed and purchased from Trapnell Creations web site:  http://www.trapnellcreations.com/f301703436
All Trophy and presentation images are free to download here: http://www.trapnellcreations.com/p878482136 


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