Paxton on pace for Round 3 of the A series

Saturday the 2nd of June saw a frost and the beginning the Warwick District Sporting Car Club’s Super Sprints round 3 of the A series. The Sprints where conducted on the 2.1 km E Circuit. This circuit utilises the well-known Siberia and Gum Tree corners. 7 runs were completed with each run consisting of 4 laps.

The fastest on the weekend was Vikki Paxton who put done a n overall run time of 4:01.284. On her flying laps, Vikki managed to crack into the sub 1 minute time with a blistering 59.735 seconds.

Once again there was a great turn out of different cars including a large number of Cobras and Zed cars putting on a show. The juniors were also back and all appeared to be improving and showing more confidence with each run completed. The fastest of the juniors was Chloe De Lissa with an overall run time of 5:23.981.

The weekend ran well with only a few minor incidents and a few drivers having to retire due to mechanical break downs. During Friday’s practice, Terry Johns‘s car decided to supply the BBQ while Matt Allsopp supplied the oil. Fortunately for both, the damage was fairly minor.

The B series is next in line and will run their third round on the 16th and 17th June followed by round 3 of the C series on the 29th and 30 June.

Spectator entry for all the super sprints is free of charge and are a fantastic action packed weekend with a large variety of different cars competing .For more information and for what events are coming up, visit