David Reynolds Adds To An Already Brilliant Day

On the 1st of December, A track day and presentation dinner was held at Morgan Park Raceway for all the competitors from the Warwick District Sporting Car Club  2018 Super Sprint Series. The super sprints have three series with over 100 competitors in each series, with each series consisting of 4 rounds throughout the year.   There was a massive turnout for the day with drivers given the opportunity to give their crews, sponsors and families a chance to let them experience being in a race car at speed. There were 3 groups throughout the day, Race car drivers, new street drivers and junior drivers. This allowed those who have never driven a race car to experience the track under a controlled environment and the experienced drivers to give their passengers a bit of a thrill.

At the end of the day, David Reynolds greeted everyone at the track and took the wheel of the wdscc president Michael Reynolds targa Comodore. After taking Michael for some intense laps around Morgan Park’s 3km circuit, David continued to take the Junior drivers and upcoming junior drivers for some hot laps.
Once the racing was finished, David was kept busy talking to everyone in the pits, signing cars and having his photo taken.
Saturday night saw the presentation dinner and David was the guest of honour who helped present all the class winner trophies and state championship trophies as well as some entertaining speeches.