Game on for B series Champ Points!

The WDSCC Super Sprint B Series Round 2 was held on the 11th and 12th May. Saturday saw a cold and windy day as the competitors battled it out on the “D” circuit. This is where you hang a right immediately after the bridge, changing the usual racing line of exiting under the bridge on the large circuit then onto the challenging flip flops of the old E circuit before turning right back onto the straight.

 The D circuit can be a quick flowing tricky track, and there was plenty of action all weekend. Mike Collins ran his Holden Auscar and found the old tyres made it a challenge to keep it facing the right direction while an unfortunate hub failure saw an early retirement for Darrin Siddins who had to retrieve the wheel of his Mk1 escort.

A total of 7 runs each consisting of 4 laps, were completed over the weekend. There was some great competition during the event leaving Bruce McKenzie and Geoff Noble each with 86 points at the top of the Championship table. Round 3 is sure to heat up so make sure you don’t miss it!             

The C series is next for their 2nd round for 2019 and will be held on the 1st and 2nd of June.

A big thankyou to all volunteers and officials who braved the cold wind to help run such a fantastic event. Volunteers are always welcome and it’s a great way to get up close to the action.

Spectator entry for all the super sprints is free of charge and are a fantastic action packed weekend with a large variety of different cars competing .For more information and for what events are coming up, visit www.morganparkraceway.com.au

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Round 1 A sprints Turns up heat!

Welcome again to another year of the Warwick district sporting car club super sprints series. On the 9th of February, round 1 of the A series kicked off with hot competition and some hot track temperatures. Seven runs were completed with each run consisting of 3 laps on the large 3 km Circuit K.                  

There were some new competition cars as well as the regulars getting a dust off and the occasional cobweb being blown out. There was a good variety of open wheelers competing in the A series, with by far the fastest being Vikki Paxton in her v8 powered Dallara. Vikki was the 2018 A series winner.

Starting for the first time and competing in the junior class was Billy O’Neil. Billy was one of the juniors who received a passenger run with David Reynolds around Morgan Park raceway last year during the sprints fun day.

The Sun belted down on everyone, which may have contributed to a few incidents during the weekend. Recovery crew and officials were kept on their toes and The Pit Exit Café helped keep everyone cool throughout the weekend by supplying food and refreshments.

Vikki Paxton now leads the Championship points followed by Jae Collins in second place with Ashley Bright in third.

The B series is next for their first round for 2019 and will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of March  followed by round 1 of the C series on the 23rd and 24th of March. Spectator entry for all the super sprints is free of charge and are a fantastic action packed weekend with a large variety of different cars competing

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On the 27th October, 108 competitors lined up for what was to be a fantastic weekend of motor racing. The weather was perfect and with the dry weather meant there was no chance of lap times being spoilt by a wet damp circuit. With bragging rights, and the glory of being the 2018 state Champion, the competition was guaranteed to be fierce.

Saturday saw competitors battle it out over the long 3km K circuit. This is a popular track with a large sweeper and plenty of length to let the big bangers stretch their legs yet still has the complexity of corners which often works in the favour of the smaller, more agile cars. There was a great variety of cars including Hyundai’s, Escorts, Torana’s, Sprites, Datsun’s, Porsches and open wheelers. The Juniors also showed how well their skills had developed as they pushed hard throughout the event. It was also a pleasure to see Peter Corbett pilot his Lamborghini around the circuit. Unfortunately last year’s winner Vikki Paxton had mechanical issues with her F3 Dallara and was forced to retire early. This opened the door for Jason Hore and Bruce McKenzie, both with F3s to push on.

Whilst there were a few mechanical issues with some cars on Saturday, there were no major incidents or long hold ups which kept the day flowing and allowed all competitors, who were able to continue, to complete all three runs, each consisting of 3 laps.

After the racing on Saturday, the competitors, officials and volunteers, were all treated to a 2 course dinner on the Pit Exit Café deck. Plenty of stories were exchanged over a few cold ones as well as lots of laughs. It was great to have so many like-minded people enjoying themselves. The night was due to the generosity and hospitality of the Warwick District Sporting Car Club who really go out of their way to make sure these events are always memorable.

Sunday morning was a little cooler but soon proved to be another cracker of a day. Unlike Saturday, the competitors ran on the 2.4 km E circuit. The E circuit uses most of the K circuit but instead of steaming on down through the sweeper, a right hand turn is negotiated followed by the flip flops then back onto the straight. After each competitors last run of the day, they were presented with a medallion to commemorate the event.

Once all the racing was completed, everyone gathered on the deck to find out where they placed. The outright winner for the weekend was Jason Hore, Bruce McKenzie in second place followed by Peter Corbett with his Lamborghini. Each stood on the podium where they were presented with magnificent decorative silver plate trophies.  Winners from each category were also presented with glass trophies. It was a great weekend for all who attended and with four lap records broken over the weekend , many are already looking forward to next year to do it again.

Once again a big thank you to all the volunteers and officials who took up their time to make such a great event possible.

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Cold snap for B Sprints Round 3

Saturday the 16th of June was the start of the Warwick District Sporting Car Club’s Super Sprints round 3 of the B series. The Sprints where conducted on the 2.1 km E Circuit. 7 runs were completed with each run consisting of 4 laps.

A cold wind blew on Sunday but did not blow as  fast as Geoff Noble in his lotus who set an overall run time of 4:17.527 keeping him well in front on the championship table.

Not to be out done by the A series, the B series also had a couple of fires and the occasional vehicle recovery. Russell Schloss finally overcame the gremlins in his Production Sports series Porsche only to become the target of a mob of kangaroos causing him to stop to let them all go around him. No kangaroos were injured but Russell’s times took a hit.

There were a good variety of cars competing on the weekend as well as a large number of Lotus sports cars. The Members of the Alfa Club had fun throughout the event and positioned themselves for their last run in a way that saw all cars in the group cross the finish line close together. It was once again great to see the juniors showing a large improvement with their confidence on the track as well as their lap times. WDSCC encourage juniors to these events and consider them a valuable asset to the future of motorsport.

As always, a big thank you to all the officials who volunteered their time to help run the event. Volunteers are always welcomed and give you a great chance to get amongst the action.

The C series is next in line and will run their third round on the 30th June and 1st July. Spectator entry for all the super sprints is free of charge and are a fantastic action packed weekend with a large variety of different cars competing .For more information and for what events are coming up, visit www.morganparkraceway.com.au

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Great Racing At The Autumn Historics

Once angain the Warwick weather put on its best to treat the competitors with a lovely sun filled weeknd.

There were many groups racing over the weekend with large feilds in group Nc and Nb.

There were also the Mini Challenge attracting all types of minis from old to new.

New to the event was an introduction to a Super Sprint format for the historic group U and invited cars.

This was a great success and a fantastic way to get these cars on track that may not have normally been able to compete in a historic race for various reasons.

All images from the event can be found on the Trapnell Creations web site

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HRCC TTT Weekend

Last weekend the Warwick sun shone strong as the HRCC held their TTT weekend.

The weekend is designed for people who wish to test and tune as well as an introduction to others who are new to the sport and see what it’s all about.

For some it was just another chance to get out there and have some fun.

The Sunday was ran as a Sprint format with timed laps for the ones keen for a bit of friendly competion.

Overal the weekend ran well with only a few minor incidents.

All images from the weekend can be found on Trapnell Creations web  site.  http://www.trapnellcreations.com/f560330644

Picture: Gary Ford and Jason Gava testing each other.

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