The QLD Super Sprint Series an annual event run by Warwick District Sporting Car Club. It is a iconic to Morgan Park raceway and has its differences to most other events. At the QSSS it isn't your best lap time, rather your best session for the weekend that will get you to the top of the leaderboard.

The QSSS is divided up into 3 groups. These are the A, B and C series. There is no ranking for the series as such, but each series will have different categories to enter in them. This means the A, B and C are just the name of the series (could be blue, red, green for example)

It is open to all drivers and in 2024 will be running under a Motorsport Australia Speed license. Get you registrations in before Friday the 15th of December to avoid disappointment.


QSSS A Series

QSSS A series is based on our open wheel race cars, sports cars and Juniors. There is a spot for all cars though.
A1 – 23rd  to 25th of February
A2 – 19th to 21st of April
A3 – 2nd to 4th of August
A4 – 20th to 22nd of September

  • RC1 Racing Cars up to 1300
  • RC2 Racing Cars 1301 to 2000
  • RC3 Racing Cars 2001 and over
  • SC1 Sports cars - 0-1600cc
  • SC2 Sports cars - 1601-2000cc
  • SC3 Sports cars - 2001-3000cc
  • SC4 Sports cars - 3001cc and over
  • FF1 Formula Ford
  • FV1 Formula Vee
  • IP1 IP up to 2000cc
  • IP2 IP 2001cc and over
  • SS1 Sports Sedans
  • RS1 Rolling Starts up to 2000cc
  • J1 Junior regularity
  • clb Clubman up to 2000cc
  • RS2 Rolling Starts over 2001cc
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QSSS B Series

QSSS B series is based on our Improved Production, All Wheel Drive, and our Lotus drivers.
B1 – 1st to 3rd of March
B2 – 10th to 12th of May
B3 – 9th to 11th of August
B4 – 1st to 3rd of November

  • IP1 IP 1301 to 1600cc
  • IP2 IP 1601cc to 2000cc
  • IP3 IP 2001 to 3000cc
  • IP4 IP 3001 to 4000cc
  • IP5 IP 4001 to 5000cc
  • IP6 IP 5001 and over
  • AW1 All Wheel drive Standard Vehicle
  • AW2 All Wheel drive Open
  • Lo1 Lotus up to 3000cc
  • Lo2 Lotus over 3001cc
  • SC1 Sports cars - 0-2000cc
  • SC2 Sports cars - 2001cc and over
  • SS1 Sports Sedans
  • RS2 Rolling Starts over 2001cc
  • ip0 IP up to 1300cc
  • RS1 Rolling Starts up to 2000cc
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QSSS C Series

QSSS C series is based on Rolling Starts, Historics and sports sedans. We have a few great groups for our historic cars too! Hyundai Challenge is a new class for 2024 too.
C1 – 5th to 7th of April
C2 – 24th of May to 26th of May
C3 – 30th of August to 1st of September
C4 – 22nd to 24th of November

  • P71 Rolling Starts Pre 77 sports cars up to 1600cc
  • P72 Rolling Starts Pre 77 sports cars 1601cc and over
  • Ex1 Rolling Starts Hyundai challenge up to 1600cc
  • RS1 Rolling Starts IP under 1600cc
  • RS2 Rolling Starts IP 1601cc to 3000cc
  • RS3 Rolling Starts IP 3001cc and over
  • SS1 Rolling Starts Sports Sedans up to 2001cc
  • SS2 Rolling Starts Sports Sedans over 2001cc
  • Gn1 Rolling Starts Group N and invited up to 2000cc
  • IP1 Rolling Starts Category 3H (HQ, Gemini and Saloon)
  • GN2 Rolling Starts Group N and invited over 2001cc
  • SC1 Rolling Starts Sports cars up to 2000cc
  • SC2 Rolling Starts Sports cars over 2001cc
  • J1 Juniors regularity
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